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Fused Glass Process

Glass comes in both sheet form and granules, in a wide variety of colours and can be transparent or opaque.

Shapes are cut from the sheet to a design and placed in layers ready for fusing together.  Granules can be used to form a picture or sprinkled over the layered glass and fused.  Fusing is the joining together of pieces/layers of glass at high temperature (usually 700-820 degrees centigrade) in a kiln.  Once melted together in the flat form the work can then also be placed in or over a mould and re-fired at a lower temperature to form the required shape.

Design Influences

I take inspiration from my love of travelling and the environment.  Stimulation derives from the colour balance and tone of nature.  A dialogue is created of line, pattern and construction using vivid dramatic colours which shift reflections and transparency.

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